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Basic survival skills every prepper ought to know

As a prepper being able to learn some of the basic survival skills in your backyard is easy and safe way to be able to prepare yourself before you head in the wilderness. The following are some of the skills that you need to learn and then master so that you can be able to tackle any situation for survival.
Building a fire
A fire can be able to ward off predators, warm, and provide the heat for cooking. To build a fire can be tough than it might look, most especially if the weather happens to be damp or the overcast or in your survival situation when you have no supplies or have few supplies.
There are various innovative ways which you can create fire without having any gear, but they need patient and practice. Testing some skills for fire building while in your backyard is a great way for emergency preparation.
Practice creating or finding dry tinder by the hunting or carving a feather stick which grows in the coniferous trees bark. You can as well dig around the backyard to get quartz to make a flint which can then generate a spark.
Creating water which is potable
Sourcing drinking water which is clean might be one of the main skills that are required in a situation for survival. But on the other hand, the natural water sources happen not to be hygienic and can have viruses, parasites and bacteria. You can be able to create potable water while in the wild using simple techniques which you can then practice easily while at home.
The easy way of purifying water in while you are in the wild is to boil it, but you could end u with sediments or other matter which might affect its taste. Utilize your t-shirt to filter the water or you can as well built a filtration system using the charcoal that you get from your fire or the sand and a small river rocks that is inside upside down in the PET bottle.

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