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The Concept of Social Dividend 2021

The natural sources of κοινωνικομερισμα 2021owned by culture at a socialist market. Butthis theory has not been implemented on a huge scale, but on a restricted basis. It overlaps with all the concept of a common standard income guarantee.

Pension Cost: A Pension is just a fund of income, which can be paid after the retirement of the federal government worker. It’s a periodic repayment. In the calendar year 2021 retirement will be given to the workers that could retire. This year, known as συνταξεις Ιανουαριου 2021.It is a fiscal support platform following retirement.

20 20 is come to an end. Sothe following year will soon include a new lifestyle and new hope. Εορτολογιο 2021is a brand new mild for many of is that will definitely bring a favorable origin in each area globally. 2021 is currently te 12 months old covid’19 relaxing year. Even as we all know that, this year a really pandemic year. Thus the brand new year will come with trust and also normal life in every lifespan.

Favorable resource: The church is the favorable origin in most scenario. It offers us new hope, electricity, aim, and aim to satisfy our fantasy. The εκκλησια 1821also known as Black Article or liberty of church globally. All the churches believe from the rules of Methodism idea, a spirit of evangelism that work the areas of feeling, thought, and act in practical democracy.

Control agency: OPEKEPE payments (ΟΠΕΚΕΠΕ πληρωμες) is A Greek repayment authority of common agriculture policy. It’s a legal thing and also a individual site, which restrain all of the payment related work. It’s a more troublesome type of service. It makes periodic payments on a daily foundation to get rural improvement approaches. It establishes in 2001 to successfully deal with the capital of EAGF and EFF to prevention against any fraud and recovery of unduly payment.

The beneficiary is mainly Farmers institution, export businesses, an investor in the agriculture industry, manufacturing company, etc.. It has a variety of information and authority’s tasks on the novel of all the guidelines.

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